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img 0032Our Bakery has been established since 1991, and our goal is to keep growing and serving our community. Designing a cake is no different than creating a painting; every single piece of work is distinctive. The personality of each customer is reflected individually. We try our best to understand our customer’s perspective and their personality to create a unique cake. Our team also devotes the time to do quality control before a cake is delivered to our customer’s hands. We get such an amazing feeling when we see the smiles on our customer’s faces. When we bring a cake out, the surprised expression of a joyful customer completely makes our day.

We want to deliver our commitment to our customers by giving them an amazing experience, just like our namesake Amazing Cakes.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We look forward to working with you.

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Michelle- Head Decorator, 12 years in the business, she is the artist behind most of our wedding cakes, loves food and spend time with her daughter and family.
Ana- Icing and Filling- 18 years at the bakery, she loves to spend time with her family and watch soccer.


Hiram- Baker, 7 years at the bakery, he is behind the baking of all of our delicious cakes. He loves to go to church.



Client Reviews

February 7,2017

I have been getting my kids birthday cakes from here for about 3 years. I absolutely love this place.  The cakes are delicious my friends and family always looks forward for our birthday cakes! They always do exactly what I want when it comes to the design of the cake and they have a lot of different flavors you can choose from. Wonderful Staff.

Priscilla M ( from yelp reviews)


Nov 21, 2014
Dear Amazing Cakes Staff, November 21, 2014 Thank you so much for an amazing job on my daughter’s birthday cake on November 18th. Her classmates loved the cupcakes and in the evening at her birthday party all of her friends and parents loved the delicious birthday cake. Thank you so much for a very professional job and I will refer your business to my friends.

Sincerely, Mona Nangunoori

Oct 17, 2014
We ordered our wedding cake here because it was one of the bakeries that worked with the Orange County Mining Company where we had our wedding and reception. We weren’t quite sure about it at first but after we schedule for the cake tasting and tried them it was like eating a little piece of heaven.

We had 3 layers all a different flavor but mine and my husbands favorite was the red velvet with cream cheese filling. The cake came out better than what I could have ever imagined.

If you are looking for something fairly decent pricing that tastes as good as it cost then Amazing Cakes is the place to go. The staff was very polite and understanding and just all around great. We had an amazing experience here. ~ Alicia A.

Aug 17, 2011
The cake was very BEAUTIFUL and delicious! Thank you for all your hard work! ~ Camille Alvior

Dec 10, 2010
Monica, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you very much for the wonderful cake you made for my sister, Vanessa Alvarez. Everyone absolutely LOVED it!!! Not only was it beautiful but it was delicious. I still have your round container that you let us borrow for under the cake. I have not forgotten to return it to you…I have just been super busy. I promise I will return it to you soon. Thank you so much, Michelle Pocahontas

Dec 1, 2010
Great job on the wedding cake. Everyone loved the design and the taste. Mei and I loved the way you did the leaves around the cake. I didn’t know you were going to make it three dimensional. They really looked stunning. Thank you for all your hard work. ~ Lester


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